The Angolan Girl

         Historical / Biographical Fiction

  Set in Angola, in the mid-1900s, THE ANGOLAN GIRL is a diverse, timeless, and heart provoking novel, but at heart, it is a coming of age story about life, struggles, choices, and escape from a war-ridden colony into Canadian soil.


In 1935 Lobito, Angola, Rosa is a quiet, naïve, six-year-old girl who has much to learn about life, and she dreams of security and a family of her own. Forced from her current home, she goes to live with her aunt in Luanda, and during these years, and the years following her return home, Rosa suffers a great deal. She endures much loss in more ways than one, struggles with mental health, and feels alone and isolated.


During a time when the outlook on life is grim, she meets Leo, and together they embark on their journey. Rosa and Leo raise a family of their own, and soon, Rosa has everything she has ever wanted for her future, love, family, a home, and security.


Rosa rises above a difficult childhood, but can experiences alone give her enough courage and strength to pull her family out of chaos, and into safety when it all changes in 1974 and a Civil War breaks. During this time, Rosa’s life is once again tossed into turmoil and fearful situations. Rosa and her family are no longer safe, so they must flee their home and beloved country or risk everything they have worked for and remain prisoners of war.


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"Telma Rocha writes the heart-wrenching account of her grandmother’s early life in Angola, Africa, where as a young girl, she is forced to grow up too quickly, and ultimately, finds herself having to make decisions that are both difficult and desperate.

The Angolan Girl is a page-turner that is impossible to put down as the reader is hopeful that eventually the young woman finds happiness and safety—but not without first surviving many years of struggle, worry, disappointment, and heart-ache." 

Tara Mondou
Author of "Little Girl in the Mirror"

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