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"Open a book and escape into unknown worlds"

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Telma Rocha


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Twenty-Eight Years

Jenna Taylor has it all, or so she thinks: a secure job as a journalist at a prestigious magazine in downtown Toronto, a steady relationship, and a bestie everyone wants. When her fiancé, Josh Harrison, gives her the ultimatum to start a family now or they’re over forever, she’s shocked and hurt. His sudden announcement forces Jenna to accept a much-anticipated promotion in Quebec City—one she would have turned down for him. The promotion comes at the most convenient time and the distance is just the perfect amount of space to start over and nurse her broken heart. But, when Jenna meets Liam Garnier in Quebec City, the shocking resemblances between the two men unnerves her. Could it be possible that they just look alike—not likely! So, Jenna takes it upon herself to discover the truth. The reality of the situation comes with a lot of consequences: hurt the people she loves the most or remain quiet and keep the truth from Twenty-Eight years ago buried. Can Jenna live with what she knows and not tell the ones she loves, and can she do so without it tearing her apart?


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"In a follow up to The Angolan Girl, Telma writes a contemporary love story about one family's journey through love, loss, and forgiveness. Written in the voice that you have come to recognize from her previous work. From Far And Wide takes place in a Canadian setting and is sure to capture the hearts of readers."

From Far and Wide


"From Far and Wide is a compelling story of loss, pain, grief, relationships and the love of a family. Telma Rocha's novel allows the reader to feel what this family has felt; the continuous heartwrenching pain of losing a son, the guilt, blame and brokenness this family feels. Loss feels unbearable. Rocha takes us on an emotional journey of the heart"


"Telma Rocha writes the heart-wrenching account of her grandmother’s early life in Angola, Africa, where as a young girl, she is forced to grow up too quickly, and ultimately, finds herself having to make decisions that are both difficult and desperate.

The Angolan Girl is a page-turner that is impossible to put down as the reader is hopeful that eventually the young woman finds happiness and safety—but not without first surviving many years of struggle, worry, disappointment, and heart-ache." 

Tara Mondou
Author of "Little Girl in the Mirror"

Telma's debut novel is set in Angola, in the mid-1900s, THE ANGOLAN GIRL is a diverse, timeless, and heart provoking novel, but at heart, it is a coming of age story about life, struggles, choices, and escape from a war-ridden colony into Canadian soil.


The Angolan Girl




As an avid reader, I enjoy sharing my thoughts on books of many genres. Check out my goodreads account and my instagram account for honest reviews of some of my favorite reads. 

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Telma Rocha is an avid reader, reviewer, and blogger. She documents and shares her reading and writing journeys on Instagram and is an active member of various groups dedicated to promoting local talent.

Telma lives in Southern Ontario with her husband and two sons. When she is not reading or writing, she can be found enjoying the outdoors with her family or sharing meals and laughter with good friends. 


Born in Angola, Telma immigrated to Canada in 1976 avoiding the turbulent civil war that erupted there in 1974. These events are documented in her first novel, The Angolan Girl. A story about her grandmother's life from childhood through the early stages of the war. This novel set the path to Telma's continued dedication to writing.

Telma is currently working on completing her fourth novel.

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Telma Rocha's novels are available everywhere you buy books. To purchase online, please use the links below.

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Portuguese Editions Available!

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