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"Open a book and escape into unknown worlds"


"In a follow up to The Angolan Girl, Telma writes a contemporary love story about one family's journey through love, loss, and forgiveness. Written in the voice that you have come to recognize from her previous work. From Far And Wide takes place in a Canadian setting and is sure to capture the hearts of readers."

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"From Far and Wide is a compelling story of loss, pain, grief, relationships and the love of a family. Telma Rocha's novel allows the reader to feel what this family has felt; the continuous heartwrenching pain of losing a son, the guilt, blame and brokenness this family feels. Loss feels unbearable. Rocha takes us on an emotional journey of the heart"


"Loved it! Telma's narration transports you to Clairah and John's story and what a wild ride it is! How the author succeeded in connecting the characters and their stories make the book such a gripping story. Also, their love for a beautiful place like Manitoulin Island is infectious. Every chapter you feel like you are going through this journey with them. Couldn't put it down!"


I would like to extend my gratitude for the overwhelming support that I have been shown throughout process of releasing this second novel. 

                                                                       Telma Rocha


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